Non-Profit Allowances

Carbon Lighthouse Association is a non-profit committed to helping people and organizations verifiably reduce their carbon footprints. Learn how we can help you or your company become carbon free.

Regional Cap & Trade

Every power plant from Maine to Maryland and utility in California is required to purchase one allowance for each ton of CO2 it emits. When you purchase our carbon allowances, we buy the same allowances power plants need to operate, reducing the number of allowances available and directly limiting emissions.

Carbon Calculator

Use our Carbon Calculator to determine, and then eliminate, your carbon footprint. It's fun and it's easy! Play around and learn how many emissions come from your car, flights, and house.

More than Offset

Carbon Lighthouse can help companies as well as individuals. If you run an organization -- a school, hospital, property management company, or another firm that owns or has a long-term lease on its property -- visit our sister LLC to learn how to profitably eliminate your carbon footprint.