OUr Strategy

Carbon Lighthouse Association was founded to offer consumers an alternative to the offset market. Carbon Lighthouse Association does not provide offsets, but rather reduces the number of government-regulated pollution allowances on behalf of our customers.

We purchase allowances (official carbon credits) directly from cap and trade programs (currently the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and California’s cap and trade program). Each allowance has a traceable serial number, and creates a legally-binding requirement for power plants and utilities in the United States to emit one fewer tons of CO2, and are verified by state governments.

By aggregating demand for carbon allowances, Carbon Lighthouse Association enables companies and individuals to bid against utilities, power plants and other regulated entities for the limited supply of available allowances. Once that allowance is purchased by Carbon Lighthouse Association, it cannot be used by a power plant to emit carbon dioxide.


Triple Impact

By purchasing and retiring one credit, you are:

1. Ensuring that a fossil fuel company regulated by the carbon market must directly reduce their emissions by 1 ton of CO2e.

2. Directing the funds used to buy the credit to fund local green projects, doubling the impact/dollar.

3. Increasing the demand for credits thereby putting pressure on prices, making renewable energy and investments in green technologies an increasingly attractive option for our grid.

I have long believed that the most elegant way to drive innovation
and to reduce carbon emissions is to put a price on (carbon)
— Barack Obama, Former U.S. President

What We've Achieved


Elimination of 170,000 tons of CO2e

Equivalent to eliminating emissions from seven power plants (150 MW single-cycle natural gas power plant)


The Association is the only non-bank, non-power plant to regularly participate in RGGI, and through a combination of direct donations and setting the clearing bid we have driven $10 million+ to clean energy programs in the Northeast.